Licensed massage therapist since 1998 with over ten years training and experience working with the myopulse and acuscope machines. Her training has included myofacial release. She is certified in traditional Thai massage and recently went to Thailand to truly experience it. She has done extensive study in essential oils. Cali started her career working for a chiropractor in a rehabilitation setting where she gained valuable knowledge. .Having done a triathlon several years ago and currently doing Cross Fit, she is personally aware of how sports affect the body. For over 10 years she worked with podiatrists treating plantar fasciitis in particular. And has recently been working with hospice using massage to help make patients comfortable. She specializes in acute and chronic pain control and management through development of effective treatments that focus on the problem area using the myopulse and acuscope and finishing with deep tissue work.


How do the machines work?

The machines scan tissue, identifying abnormal tissue function. Finding the damaged tissue and repairing the area. the tissue repair happens at a cellular level and allows the body to repair at an accelerated rate. The patient usually feels no more than a light sensation at most. This is due to the fact that micro current uses the same amount of electricity that our bodies have. The treatment is simple, safe, and highly effective. They are FDA approved.

Commonly treated conditions:

Plantar fasciitis--chronic back pain--carpal tunnel--neuropothy--post op--scar tissue--swelling--sports injuries--neck pain--nerve damage--sciatica--arthritis--migraines--restricted range- of -motion--stress management--tendinitis--shin splints--tennis elbow--knee pain-TMJ

What is Thai Massage?

Traditional Thai massage is a balancing, relaxing, and also energizing experience. It is viewed in Thailand as a medical treatment. There are three aspects of this massage; meridian work, joint mobilization, and stretches. The client is fully clothed and the work is done on a very comfortable mat on the floor.

 Have you ever felt that if someone could just stretch you out you would feel so much better? That is exactly how you will feel after a Thai massage. Make an appointment and see how great you will feel! Plan on an hour and a half to two hours for this treatment.

Located downtown

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I am in a small building next to the UPS store just off the roundabout in beautiful downtown New Braunfels.